CEPC-0911: "From idea to publication: building your own research project!"


Welcome to CEPC 0911, "From idea to publication: building your own research project!" This is a Course Based Research Experience class, taught in summer of 2020. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you! If you're viewing this page before the course starts, feel free to browse the schedule or syllabus to see what's coming up.

The official course listing can be found on the Brown Univeristy course listings webpage. The course code is CEPC 0911 and the CRN is 11535.

You can navigate to the course calendar (schedule), syllabus, and assignment details using the links in the navigation bar above. Canvas will be used to submit assignments, take quizzes, and receive grades. I will also maintain a copy of the syllabus on Canvas. If any changes to the schedule are made, they will be refelected on this website. In the case that any substantial change to the syllabus needs to be made (which I do not anticipate), I will notify you as soon as possible.


Participation and peer collaboration: 10%

Quizzes: 20%

Homework modules/assignments: 20%

Final project (written work): 40%

Project presentation and publication: 10%

More details can be found in the syllabus.


Contact information is on the syllabus and will be shared in class.

Other Helpful Information

An hour's sleep in class is worth two at home; an hour's homework in class is worth three at home!

"Not knowing cheers the knowing" -John Cage

If I've indicated that there's an update to the course website, and you are not seeing it, then it's possible you need to clear your website cache or open the website in a private/incognito window.

You can find/download all of the files for this course website and all of the assignment files on this github source page.

I hope you enjoy the class!

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